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  1. I'm lucky enough to now have an independent yarn shop close by called The Thrifty Thistle, 20 minutes walk away in fact! It's a double edge sword really.......close enough to buy yarn easily and well, close enough to buy yarn a bit too easily!! 


    Anyways I was in that happy place one morning and couldn't resist buying a ball of Stylecraft Merry Go Round in Pastel Rainbow. The trouble though with this type of variegated yarn is that it lures you in with its beautiful colours and then when you try and crochet it into something it can end up looking a bit too busy! It's designed with knitters rather than crocheters in mind really as the colour changes are short.

    I pondered on what I could do with it and decided that breaking it up with a solid colour might be the best way to go with it. After some experimenting I decided to use moss stitch which is a lovely simple but very effective stitch. Just google moss stitch and I'm sure you'll find lots of references to it, it's also called linen or granite stitch. 


    I go up a hook size when I do moss stitch as it can crochet up tightly so if you want a nice drape and you have naturally tight tension like me then you might want to do the same. I used a 4.5mm for this blanket. Best to experiment though as tension does vary person to person. 

    I used two balls of stylecraft special dk in white, one ball of stylecraft merry go round in pastel rainbow and one ball of stylecraft special dk in pistachio. I made a small pram size baby blanket around 55x70cm and there was plenty of yarn left over. 

    I did 3 rows in white, then 1 row in pastel rainbow and this broke the colours up nicely. 


    You could do all sorts of borders on this one! I considered using the rainbow yarn for the border but I thought it might then get too busy and take away from the stripes and I wanted the blanket to look quite crisp and modern. It needed to be gender neutral so I opted for a nice simple, crisp edging in pistachio. I did a round of half trebles, a round of double crochets, another round of half tebles and finished with crab stitch. 


    I've loved making this blanket and can't wait to gift it to a special friend.

    If you decide to make a blanket just like mine then it's always lovely to get a mention for the inspiration. And if you're in the Felixstowe area make sure you pay a visit to The Thrifty's not just a yarny paradise, you'll find fabrics and haberdashery too! 

  2. Earlier this year I was asked by a yarn company to design four blankets using their yarn. I had to think really long and hard about it because it's not something I've ever particularly wanted to do, not really a route I wanted to go down and to tell you the truth I didn't feel that confident I could do it and most of us tend to avoid stuff we're not confident with!

    After a lot of pondering I decided to give myself a chance, challenge myself, and have a go. What's the worst that could happen!? If nothing else I learnt that I have a love/hate relationship with designing. One day I felt confident, the next I doubted myself completely, my bin saw a lot of action!.....I'm not sure I'd want to go through that self doubt regularly! 

    Anyways if you've been following me on social media you will have seen me refer to my 'top secret project' over the last 6 months and I'm really pleased to say that this project is all now finished.

    Pleasd don't expect to be blown away by amazing ground breaking design! I had no intention of these blankets being really complex as I wanted them to appeal to all skill levels. Repetitive patterns, fairly easy on the brain but also contemporary.

    I'm not entirely sure in what form or when the yarn company will be releasing them at this moment in time but I do know they will be available online and at some point this year. I will update you when I know more. For now here is a peek of my four blankets :)


    (Please be aware that these patterns are copyright registered Little Dove Designs July 2017)

  3. A while back I made a lovely ripple blanket for a friend's new little boy. It wasn't an obvious colour combo but it really worked and has been one of my favourite ripples so far! You can read about it here


    Fast forward a year or so and she asked me to make another ripple, this time for the little girl she was expecting this summer. It would be in a similar quirky colour combo just with a few colour changes. 


    We kept in Stylecraft Special Dk in Petrol and Lime and then added Fuschia Purple, Cream, Duck Egg and Cygnet DK in Vintage Rose. I love these colours together! 


    I finished it off with a plain border again this time in Fuschia Purple. I love how these two ripples compliment each other, perfect his and hers blankets :)

  4. I've made lots of sunburst blankets in the past but this one has attracted a lot of interest, everyone seems to love pinks and purples!!

    sun1  sun2

    I've had lots of requests for the details so here they are. I used Priscilla Hewitt's fabulous Sunburst square pattern (not to be confused with a starburst pattern which is something very slightly different I'm told). I love this pattern and have been using it for at least 15yrs or more! You can find the pattern link here:

    Sunburst Square

    My customer wanted a pink and purple combo so I put together these lovely colours - Stylecraft Special DK in Clematis and Fuschia Purple, Cygnet Grousemoor DK in Mulberry and Cygnet DK in Pink, Candyfloss, and Light Mauve. Then we needed to decide on a joining colour. We discussed Parchment and White but settled with Stylecraft Special DK in Mushroom which has a very slight pink hue to it so goes perfectly with this I hadn't had a chance to use this shade yet and was dying to!!


    I used a 4mm hook and made 48 sunbursts in total which would give me a 70x90cm blanket including the border/edging. Remember though that tension varies from person to person. I then joined the sunbursts using the continuous join as you go method. I learnt this from a pattern I bought from Cypress Textiles a few years back but if you do an internet search you'll find several good tutorials. It's such a quick method and the best bit is hardly any ends to sew in.

    For the border I did a few rounds continuing in granny stitch to get it to the size I wanted and then finished with Attic 24's bobble shell edging. I think this style of blanket suits all sorts of edgings. My customer wanted something quite simple and the bobble shell edging is a great non fussy option that still gives the blanket a nice finish. 


    If you decide to make a blanket just like mine don't forget to reference Priscilla's and Lucy's fab patterns. It's always nice to get a mention for the inspiration too :)