Time Poor

Please note that this blog article relates mainly to the crochet side of my business and in particular the large following that has accumulated on my Little Dove Crochet Instagram account)

I recently came across a fantastic article by Sharon Hayes called 'Why I don't do free'. Here's the link

Why I can't do Free

I've edited my original blog post that accompannied this as a handful of people misunderstood and I am sorry that was the case. However, I still want to include the link to this article on my blog as I think it is useful for other one woman/man business owners particular those that are 'time poor' like me and struggle with the volume of enquiries not relating to new, existing or potential orders.

I'm quite a private person when doing business. I like to keep my personal life seperate from my business but the truth is that I am just a normal person, a mum juggling a zillion different things like all us women do. It can be really tricky sometimes juggling my business with the usual daily pressures of general life. I just have the hours whilst my daughter is at school to work on orders and I have to use that time wisely, sometimes things don't always go to plan, sometimes I can get 5-6hrs straight work in, sometimes I can't. I try to keep weekends free from 'work' as that is family time and I try to not get bogged down in work stuff when my daughter is home. It doesn't always work out but I do my best. I don't feel it's appropriate to (over) share all the stuff going on in my personal life on my business pages but please remember that i do have a life outside of social media

I frequently get up at 6am before everyone else to get an hours work in or stay up until midnight again to get some extra work time just to try and fit it all in. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amount of interest in my work, I worry what people will think if I don't manage to respond to every comment left on my Facebook or Instagram accounts. I am often criticised for it. Trouble is I just can't manage it, I fail at it frequently. I do my best and try my hardest but I'm not able to be online all day and night, it isn't realistic, so I miss stuff, lots of stuff and I have to prioritise family and orders, I can't help that. It doesn't stop people assuming the worst though, assuming that I'm unhelpful or ignoring them and that can lay heavy on my mind sometimes as it's not done intentionally, it might simply be that I just haven't had time. One thing that can be very frustrating is when I have put the relevant information that I wish to share in my post yet still receive a high volume of questions asking for that same information. These same people then get rather cross with me when I don't respond but if they'd read my post they wouldn't have needed to ask and I'm not going to be made to feel bad for that. I'm not obliged to share every detail of how I make everything so please don't get offended when I don't want to share, that's my choice.

Thank you for your understanding

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