About Me

Hello, I'm Faye Walsh and I'm the designer behind all the cross stitch samplers you see here on the website. I also hand make all the crochet items.


I've had a huge interest in art, crafts and design for many years. I studied Art to 'A' Level at school and although planned to follow a path in art and design at University, my circumstances changed and I took a year out from studying to do voluntary work with a local charity. Having turned my back on art and design I took a different route entirely and achieved a BA (Hons) in Business subsequently falling into a career in financial services spending ten years as a Building Society branch manager. Throughout this time I continued to dabble in designing samplers and building a portfolio and then after my daughter came along I made the decision to take it more seriously and develop it as a business.

Over the years I've tried many different crafts from patchwork to knitting but I find needlework and crochet incredibly therapeutic and it's extremely satisfying to finally complete that last stitch and have your work in use!

Cross Stitch

I discovered Samplers many years ago and loved the idea of stitching an heirloom, a personalised work to mark a special moment in time or a subject close to your heart. The history behind Samplers is fascinating and they have evolved considerably since the earliest surviving sampler completed by Jane Bostocke in 1598. My sampler designs vary from traditional to contemporary and a sampler can make a very special and unique gift for all sorts of occassions. They are original and copyright protected. 


I've crocheted for over 20 years. I'm completely self taught and have spent a lot of time developing my skills and ideas and hopefully showing crochet in a modern and up to date form. I don't consider myself a crochet designer and I don't sell crochet patterns, I simply have a passion for the craft and enjoy making things using the technique. Sometimes I work from patterns, often I make it up as I go along and you can find information about some of my creations and links to patterns if I have used one by visiting my blog. You can also follow Little Dove Crochet on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank you for visiting Little Dove Designs

Faye Walsh