Cosy Stripe - Wobbly Edge Tip

The first time I made an Attic24 Cosy Stripe blanket I completely fell in love with the pattern, so simple yet so effective, it really is fab! The only trouble is is that I'm a perfectionist, I like straight edges, even tension, neat corners etc and I found that the pattern resulted in one slightly wobbly vertical edge and one nice straight vertical edge. It's not a huge issue as a bit of clever edging can mostly sort it out but I vowed to myself that if I made another I would find a way to make both vertical edges straight. So if like me you are a little obsessive about straight edges read on as I have found a nice simple fix.

Before I begin I would like to make it clear that I am not a crochet designer and I in no way want to take away from the talent and design flair that Lucy at Attic24 has. I expect it will probably give my haters yet something else to pick on me for but this really is merely a little fix that I found useful and wanted to share. You don't have to use it, the pattern is great as it is so please don't shoot me down just for sharing a little tip.

I'll start first of all with what you will find if you follow the pattern to the letter. After the granny stripe part the pattern requires you to treble along the row and make your last treble into the stitch marked with the arrow below completely skipping making a treble into the top of the turning chain of the previous row

If you do as the pattern says then your cosy stripe will show a slight bulge (and it is only slight!) at the end of every granny stripe part like this therefore giving it a very slightly wobbly edge

To keep your edges straight, instead skip the second from last stitch and work your last treble of the row into the turning chain of the row below as marked by the arrow in the next picture

You will then find that your stitch count is still correct, the skipped stitch is barely noticeable and your edge on this side stays straight as in the pictures below

I hope that helps those that like straight edges! Don't forget that if you use the cosy stripe pattern that you reference Attic24 as the source