About Little Dove Designs


Little Dove Designs started officially in 2007 but in my head it started way back when I was a child putting my first cross stitches into binca fabric at age 8. 
Being creative is in my blood, I can't help myself! I just love arts and crafts and cross stitch just really appealed to me from a early age. Cross stitch is so therapeutic (all crafts are really) you can just loose yourself in it for a while and forget all your troubles.
I love yarn crafts too having built up a successful business, Little Dove Crochet, over the last 10 years, alongside my cross stitch designs. You can find Little Dove Crochet on socials and I've recently started a You Tube channel where I share tutorial and tips

I also dabble in knitting in my spare time however I'm possibly the slowest knitter in the world and have a terrible habit of not making the second sock!
One day I'd like to have a go at dressmaking and quilting...….more time please!
I'd love to tell you a beautiful story about how the name Little Dove Designs came about but the truth is I literally plucked it out of nothing! It just came to me in a flash of inspiration and just stuck!
I've got no formal artistic qualifications having done a Business degree at University but my heart has always been in creative pursuits and even when I was working as a building society manager for 11 years I dabbled in designing, dreaming one day that I could do it full time.
Fast forward a few years and after having my daughter I decided to wave goodbye to financial services and put my efforts into developing Little Dove Designs properly, working away in whichever part of our house had some space for all my craft stuff!  Since those very small beginnings I've been fortunate to regularly design for Cross Stitcher magazine and have gained many, many customers from around the world.
I live with my husband Shaun, our daughter Connie and our dog Amber and these days I work from my home studio in the garden in the small village of Trimley St Martin near the Suffolk coast. All my kits and charts are designed and put together from my studio.


Little Dove Designs is just me! There is no team of people and my products are made in small batches not mass produced. I am the designer, the stitcher, the email answerer, the book keeper, the administrator, the advertising team, the production team, the stock checker and the website developer among other things so there is lots of hat changing during my working day! I love every minute of it but please bear this in mind when contacting me that I may not be able to get back to you instantly.
My opening hours are Mon-Fri 9:30am - 2:30pm and you can find current order processing time at the top of the homepage.


I'd love you to come and follow me on social media so that you can not only keep up to date with what I'm doing but share with me which Little Dove Design you are stitching... there is nothing better than seeing my designs come to life!
Thanks for visiting and thank you to all my customers near and far!
Faye x