Daisy Throw

Last year I made a beautiful daisy throw in blues and grey and initially my customer wanted the same colour scheme as that one however after seeing the mint green field of daisies blanket I made recently she decided she'd like the same style as the blue one but in more greener shades. For allergy reasons it was really important for me to use 100% acrylic yarn for this one so I was unable to use the same mint green as before due to its wool content. After a little experimenting we settled on the following colours (all Stylecraft Special dk)....sage, teal, saffron, parchment and white.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know that I am very fond of this daisy square pattern but for those who haven't come across it before you can find it on Tillie Tulip's Blog

After I made the daisies I did two rounds with sage and one of teal. I then joined with parchment during the final round using a continuous join as you go method which is so lovely and quick and minimises ends! Mr Google will find you several tutorials for this method. This blanket measures approx 120cm x 100cm, it is 6 x 8 squares but I'm afraid I don't know how much yarn I used because I'm never organised enough to keep track! For the edging I did 3 rounds of UK htrs in parchment and then did Attic24's bobble shell edging in white

I often get asked if I block my work and the answer is hardly ever! If your tension is even, you are using the right hook for your natural tension and you are following a pattern correctly then your work is unlikely to need blocking. The great thing about squares is that the process itself of joining them naturally stretches and blocks them anyway and I always find a wash helps to relax the stitches too. Life is too short for unnecessary blocking! The only thing I would block is something with a lacy/holey stitch like a shawl perhaps, that needs blocking in order to accentuate the pretty stitches. 

I always love working from this daisy square - if you decide to use it too don't forget to reference Laura at Tillie Tulip for the pattern

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