Field of Daisies Blanket

I don't get a lot of time to experiment as I've been so busy with orders but as any creative person knows if you can't experiment from time to time you get a bit frustrated with all the ideas in your head desperate to get out!!! Although I love my job immensely and wouldn't change it for the world I'd be lying if I didn't find making the same thing over and over again a little tough sometimes so having something on the go inbetween orders really helps to keep me focussed and satisfies my creative mind.

This has been my recent inbetween project! I had a vision in my head for this blanket from the start - I knew exactly how I wanted it to end up looking and I had the colour sheme and the main body of the blanket planned out straight away. The border not so! I knew I wanted it to have a trim a bit like those broderie anglais ones you see sewn onto things but I couldn't find anything I liked online or in my books that resembled that.....everything was either too lacy or too frilly! I spent yesterday evening trying out different things, unravelling, re-doing and unravelling and then about midnight I admitted defeat and decided it was probably best to sleep on it. Proved to be the best move because at 5:30am this morning I had a sudden burst of inspiration and thankfully it worked out and I'm really happy with how the border I came up with compliments the rest of the blanket and matches my initial vision. 


There's been a lot of interest in the blanket as I've been making it and more so when I revealed the finished article and I'm really grateful for all your kind feedback. There's been lots of questions about it so here are the details of how I made it.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in white and Stylecraft Life DK in Mint. I have no idea what the yellow is that I used for the middles of the daisies, it's just something I had in my stash! I usually use a 4mm hook with DK but you would use whichever size suits your natural tension and this varies from person to person

To make the squares I used Tillie Tulip's original daisy square pattern which you can find a tutorial for for FREE on her blog. Beware of paid for copies! To join I used the continuous join as you go method whilst working the final round of each square.

Once I had joined all the squares I worked a round of UK htr in the mint colour. I then worked a round of UK double crochet in white. Next onto my edging, I go down a hook size for this.

This is where I may fail miserably at explaining but hopefully you will get the general idea! I'm using UK terms throughout. The border is worked still in white as follows......

Copyright ©️Little Dove Designs 2015

Rnd 1 - start 3 stitches to the left of any corner, chain 3 and work a further tr, ch1, 2tr in the same stitch. It makes a double V stitch type thing! Now skip 2 stitches and again work 2tr,ch1,2tr in the next stitch and then skip 2 stitches. Continue in that fashion until you get to the corner. In the corner work 3tr,ch1,3tr and then skip 2 stitches and then work 2tr,ch1,2tr like you did before all the way along until you get to the next corner. Work in this way all the way around the blanket.

Rnd2 - Work 5tr into the ch1 space in the middle of the double V stitch from the previous round then slip stitch into the space between the double V stitches, then work 5tr into the ch1 space again and continue in that fashion around. In the corners work 7tr into the ch1 space. You are effectively working a basic shell edging on this round......and that's it!

If you prefer a video tutorial you can find it here…

Petal edging

Hopefully this has all made some sense and if you do decide to make a daisy blanket just like mine I would really appreciate a little mention as the inspiration, just out of respect for a fellow crocheter. I am sharing my edging pattern for free as a heartfelt thank you for all the kind feedback and support I continually receive. Please do not copy, sell or claim my edging as your own pattern, it is covered by my copyright and intellectual property rights 2015. If you use my edging pattern please credit Little Dove Crochet, thank you.

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Thank you, Faye x

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