Four Coastal Blankets for Cygnet Yarns

A little while back I gave you a sneaky peek of some blanket patterns I have put together for Cygnet Yarns. I've been meaning to write this blog post for weeks as the Ebook containing the four patterns came out a couple of months ago! I've finally found time on the first day of the new year to sit down and do the blog post!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about these blankets I discovered that I have a love/hate relationship with designing/writing patterns and have since concluded that it is not for me and have turned down a further opportunity to design for Cygnet. Crochet has been around so long and very little is truly original. I could easily put together a granny square pattern or a wavy stripe one but it wouldn’t sit right with me to make money knowing that all that stuff is free out there on the net anyway!  Although I stressed about the whole process more than I enjoyed it I'm really pleased with how all four came out and hope that you enjoy them too. I take my hat off to the very few true designers I have come across that do manage to put something together that really is different and original, you are truly talented!

None are particularly complex so should be simple enough for a relative beginner but also hold enough interest for a more experienced crocheter who just wants something nice and easy on the brain to crack on with in the evenings in front of the telly :)

To purchase the Ebook visit Cygnet Yarns ravelry store. Here's the link

Four Coastal Blankets to Crochet

I've used Cygnet Yarns for a long time, they have some beautiful and very affordable ranges and the Cygnet DK that I used for these blankets is a lovely soft and practical acrylic in a wide range of colours.

I buy all my Cygnet from my friend Laurelin over at Snufflebean Yarn. She stocks most of the ranges and will always order in for you if there's something specific you would like. She'll happily put together all the colours you need for my Coastal Blankets patterns and provides a speedy, efficient service.

You can order the yarn by clicking this link

Snufflebean Yarn