Geometric Lace (Without the Lace!)

I've had my eye on this Cypress Textiles pattern for a long time waiting for an opportunity to use it but also slightly scared of the random colour placement!! I like matchy matchy and symmetry so I knew this pattern would take me way out of my comfort zone but the end result is so worth it!

Click here for pattern

As it happened I had a customer specifically choose that similar style of hexie blanket so finally a reason to I dig out Rachele's fab pattern and I couldn't wait to get started. Random colour placement was harder than I expected though. I thought seeing as I was joining as I went along it would be fairly simple to work out what colour I wanted next but that turned out to be a silly assumption so I decided to draw a picture to help me plan the colours.......much better idea, much easier to see what the overall effect would be and I love a bit of colouring in too! I didn't completely stick to the drawing in the end but I wasn't far off.

I used the following colours for the hexies:

Stylecraft Special Dk in Plum, Fuschia Purple, Pale rose, Fondant, Candyfloss, Clematis, Violet, Wisteria, Royal, Lobelia, Cloud blue, Bluebell, Petrol and sherbet and I also used Cygnet Dk in aqua

This blanket is great for stash busting!

I followed the pattern to the letter up until the half hexies. I wanted a more solid look so adpated the half hexies slightly to suit. I then followed the pattern for the squaring off using Stylecraft Special DK in Silver and then added a few rounds of UK dc until it was the size I wanted. The final round of edging was done from the reverse side and is simply a uk double treble alternated with a uk dc all the way round

I'm really pleased with the result! It is so very different from anything I've made before and I look forward to making another, colouring pencils at the ready, perhaps in a different colour combo

I really recommend Rachele's patterns, I have a few of them now and she always shares so many little hints and tips that really do widen your crochet skills so if you haven't seen her work go look her up :)