Polka Dot Hexie Blanket

I've been a fan of Michele at Cypress Textile's work for years! I had been wanting to make this blanket ever since she released the pattern and when a customer said I could make her whichever blanket I liked I saw an opportunity to indulge!

It is called the Polka Dot blanket and you can buy the pattern here Polka Dot Pattern on Etsy 

What I love about Michele's work is it's innovative, it's not just regurgitated from old patterns and books and sold under a different name - there's a lot of that about! I also love her pattern writing style, she shares so many hints and tips throughout her patterns which is so generous. The pattern has all the info you need to make the blanket although me being me did make a couple of very small changes, the main one being the border....I used Attic24's lovely bobble shell edging.

I decided to use Caron Simply Soft for this, I needed to match a shocking pink pram and this yarn range has some lovely bright colours which really appealed to me. I used Watermelon, Pistachio, Soft pink, Passion, Plum Perfect and Cream. 

If you decide to try this pattern make sure you give a mention to Michele, she works really hard around a young family and deserves all the recognition she gets!