Spring Into Summer Blanket

I had been desperate to make this blanket pattern shared free by The Felted Button on her website ever since I came across it. 

Sadly the yarn wasn't available in the UK at the time I first saw it and I just couldn't settle on a similar yarn that had the same long colour changes to do it justice. Variegated yarn can be a funny animal! It works up so very different when crocheted than when knitted so in order to get it to self stripe in crochet if that's the look you're after then the colour changes need to be quite long! 

Anyways.......earlier in the year I was browsing the yarn websites one day, as you do, and lo and behold Deramores had finally started stocking the very yarn used in The Felted Button's beautiful blanket......Red Heart Unforgettable! It truly is an unforgettable yarn, just beautiful! It fell into my shopping basket while I wasn't looking and then I stalked the postman until it arrived! 

I absolutely loved making this blanket, the corner to corner stitch is a great one for a beginner as it's repetitive and grows fast. I've made corner to corner blankets in the past but it was the choice of yarn for this particular pattern that really caught my eye, this yarn is made for this pattern! You can make the blanket square or rectangular shaped easily just by altering when you start your decreasing and the beauty of variegated yarn is hardly any ends to deal with when you've finished

I can't remember exactly how big I made this blanket however it was rectangular and 'baby' sized. I used 3 skeins of yarn and a 4.5mm hook as that worked better for my natural tension than the hook suggested in the pattern however as always it's best to do a practise first to check your hook and tension as everyone is different.

If you decide to make the Spring into Summer blanket be sure to reference The Felted Button for the pattern