Sunflower Blanket

This blanket is based on Tillie Tulip's daisy square however I have increased the number of petals from 12 to 16 by starting with 16 stitches in the first round instead of 12. You can find the original pattern for the daisy square on Tillie Tulip's blog

I used a mixture of aran weight and double knit weight yarn but you could use whichever weight yarn you wanted. I think I may have used a 5mm hook for this but remember that hook size will depend on your own natural tension, some would find this size hook makes their crochet too loose while others would find it makes it too tight so it's best just to do a tester first to find what hook works for you. I used a join as you go method as part of the final round of each square. There are lots of tutorials online for this method.....Anita of My Craft Life has an excellent picture tutorial on her Facebook page. You could also use the continuous join as you go method if you really want to speed the process up and again you'll find lots of tutorials online for this.... Michele of Cypress Textiles has some great photo tutorials and Heather of The Patchwork Heart has also recently added a great tutorial for this method on her blog

I used Stylecraft Special DK in dark brown, saffron and spice for the sunflowers and Stylecraft Special Aran in dark brown, cream, copper and meadow for the rest. For the edging I kept it simple, there's enough going on in the main body of the blanket!! I crocheted on the wrong side. I alternated UK double treble stitch and double crochet stitch all the way along, it gives a raised effect on the right side.

It was a joy to make and I hope you find this useful. I don't claim to be a crochet designer of any sort, I just like to experiment but if you do decide to make a sunflower blanket just like mine it's always nice to get a mention as the inspiration and don't forget to credit Tillie Tulip for the pattern :)