The Broccoli Blanket

I bought this beautiful pattern from The Felted Button's Etsy shop a couple of years ago but hadn't found the opportunity to use it until just recently. I once read a comment about me on Instagram (shocker!) that said I was nothing special because I just use other peoples' patterns. Yes I do, why shouldn't I? Isn't that what patterns are for? To be brought to life! As a designer of cross stitch patterns myself there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone bring that design to life! So....let me tell you fellow crocheters, using a pattern makes you no less a crocheter than anyone else. Not only do you often learn new skills this way but you will also be supporting a designer even if the pattern is a free one just by giving the designer recognition when you use it you will be supporting them. 

It has been such a lovely blanket to make although definitely one of the more challenging ones because it's such a slow burner! It takes a while to grow, you have to be patient with this one.......patience not being one of my strong points! Each 'row of shells' is made up of 4 rows, time consuming but totally worth it to get the beautiful overlaying effect of the shells....the texture of this blanket is amazing, if only you could touch it on the screen! It produces such a thick fabric too so it's ideal if you want a squishy, chunky blanket to keep you warm on cold nights.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in white. parma violet, emperor, fondant, empire and fuschia purple and Cygnet DK in aqua. As the pattern produces quite a thick fabric I found it wise to use a hook size larger than I would usually so that it didn't work up stiff and had a nice drape to it. I used a 4.5mm but it's always best to test hook size out yourself as your natural tension might not be the same as mine. I kept things simple for the border, just a few rounds of UK dc in Emperor to highlight the beautiful pattern of the shells. I had several people say it looked like rows of broccoli...they weren't wrong!

If you decide to make a blanket just like my one it's always really nice to get a mention for the inspiration but more importantly make sure you credit Susan at The Felted Button for the pattern, she's the clever one putting all those stitches together in the first place!