The Fruit Salad Blanket

My crafty buddy Laurelin runs a lovely little independent yarn shop called Snufflebean Yarn and she stocks a fabulous range of Cygnet yarns. She recently got her hands on Cygnet's new release....a beautiful soft variegated double knit called Fairy Isle. I love all the colourways and couldn't wait to try some!

I said before that variegated yarn is a funny animal....Fairy Isle as the name suggests is a Fair Isle effect yarn and you will get this effect if you knit with it. If you crochet with it on the other hand you will get an entirely different effect and it isn't fair isle! I knew I wanted to make a blanket with this yarn but after a bit of experimenting nothing was really working for me. I had a break from it for a few weeks and one day whilst working on other things I had an idea to use two strands of it together, had a little go and was delighted with outcome :)

So here you have it.........

I used the Dandelion colourway which reminds me of fruit salad! I used a stitch that I've used for years and years but never really known it's official name or where I came across it. I call it kiss stitch as it's pairs of crossed trebles all the way along the rows and it looks to me like kisses xxxxx It's a lovely quick textured stitch. I used around 7 balls of Fairy Isle to make this blanket, it measured approx 70cm square

I then just did several rounds of UK dc in cream cygnet dk, gave it a simple shell edging and added a cream layered flower in the corner....voila!

I'm not a crochet designer, I just like to experiment but if you're inspired to make a blanket just like mine it's always really nice to get a mention for the inspiration :)

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Laurelin at Snufflebean Yarn for her continued support of my work proving that it is possible to be kind, positive and genuine even when you are in a similar line of business.