The Harlequin Blanket

I love adventurous customers........the ones who have a rough idea of what they want but are also open to a little persuasion! I've been dying to try out harlequin stitch for ages and I was so pleased that my customer was happy for me to indulge. She had already decided that she wanted orange and green with greys and white so we put together Stylecraft Special DK in Pistachio, spice, white, grey and silver. This combo is right up my street!

I used the Greenway pattern for the harlequin stitch, it seems complex at first but it's very repetitive once you get going. I love the diamond effect and the solid fabric it produces however don't confuse this stitch with catherine wheel stitch, although similar in how it's constructed catherine wheel stitch gives a rounder wheel-like shape. Google it and you'll see what I mean :)

We decided to give the blanket a really bold edging. Several rounds of dc in spice followed by one round of dc in pistachio and a pistachio crab stitch edging.....yummy!!

This blanket came out around 80x100cm. I used a 4mm hook but you would use whichever hook size works for your tension as this varies from person to person. I often get asked how long it takes me and how much yarn do I use, but I'm afraid I don't take much notice how much yarn and as I work on so many things at once I lose track of the time I might spend just on one item. 

I have absolutely loved making this blanket and I can't wait to make another!!