The My Little Pony Ripple

Just over a year or so ago I made a lovely ripple blanket in a pastel rainbow.....I was so pleased to be asked to make another as aside from loving the ripple pattern anyway I love working with rainbows! 

Rather than work with the exact same colour sequence as before I decided to revisit the pastel colours available and make a couple of changes. This time I chose to work with Stylecraft Special DK in Wisteria, Cloud, Pistachio, Apricot, Fondant and Clematis and Cygnet DK in Buttercream. I love Cygnet DK, it is a lovely acrylic yarn and it has several colours that are missing from the Stylecraft range. I often mix the two brands together to get the colour combination I want! You can buy this fab yarn from my crochet buddy Laurelin at Snufflebean Yarn - find her on Facebook and Instgram

Anyways back to the blanket!! I love this ripple pattern, it is the neat ripple by Attic24 and it is so easy. I love the relaxing repetitiveness of it, perfect for those evenings when I want something easy on the brain to work on. When I posted the first progress picture of it on social media one of my lovely followers said it reminded her of My Little Pony and she is so right!

This blanket was such a joy to work on, maybe it was the time of year..........the colours are so springlike so it was very apt! Once I'd finished the main part of the blanket I used camel stitch to give it a striped border in the same lovely pastels although I missed out the apricot and clematis this time. I didn't use a pattern for this, I just remember how to do it but if you do a simple internet seach you will find information about camel stitch.


If you decide to make a ripple blanket just like this one then it is always nice and of course courteous to give me a mention for the inspiration and of course most importantly credit Attic24 for the fab pattern!