The Rainbow Drops Blanket

As soon as I saw that Laurelin at Snufflebean Yarn had got this gorgeous colourway in I knew I just had to have some!!! It is Cygnet Kiddies Kaleidoscope in Rainbow Drops and it is very aptly named, just like those Rainbow Drops sweets! With it's long colour changes it crochets up a dream particularly when using the fantastic corner to corner stitch. I haven't used a specific pattern for this one, I've done it so much it's stuck in my brain haha but if you google C2C you'll come across lots of info and tutorials.

Its a great one for beginners because it's very repetitive, next to no counting really and you don't need to do a foundation chain or worry about getting the right number of chains to get the width from the start. Of course there's also the best bit.....if you use a variegated yarn with long colour changes like this one you'll not only get a great striped effect without the need to change colours but there's only a couple of ends to sew in! Win win!!!


I used Stylecraft Clematis for the border which I thought would give a great contrast although I've recently discovered Sheepjes Colour Crafter which is an even softeracrylic and funnily enough their colour range are exaclty the same as Stylecraft! Snufflebean Yarn also stock Colour Crafter now so if you want the Stylecraft equivalent then order the shade Amersfoort for your border along with the Cygnet Kaleidoscope in Rainbow Drops. The border is very simple, just a couple of rounds of double crochet (UK) and then a shell stitch scalloped edging. I used around 200gms of the Rainbow Dropes yarn, this made a baby sized blanket around 60x70cm ish (including the border)

Want this yarn so you can give this blanket a go? Pop over to Snufflebean Yarn to order this one and tempt yourself with lots of other lovely yarns. I'm not on commission, honest haha, I just like good customer service, great prices and supporting independent/local businesses whenever I can :)