The Super Chunky One

I've had so much interest in this blanket so I thought it was worthy of a blog post!

My stepmum asked me to make her and my Dad a lovely cream chunky blanket for their home in Florida.....I know......Florida!! But as one of my Insta followers pointed out, when you're used to mega heat, it doesn't have to cool down that much to feel a bit chilly and a warm blanket would be very welcome on cooler evenings.

Now just to explain I am no pattern writer so what you'll have here is just the basic info of how I made it rather than a written pattern, lots of how to pictures or videos. Tutorials are just not my thing but hopefully you'll see that this blanket is so simple you don't really need all that anyway!

I chose to use Cygnet Seriously Chunky yarn in cream -  It's a good 100% acrylic super chunky, machine washable and air dries fairly quickly so a good practical yarn that won't break the bank.

I had to experiment a little with hook size, I settled on a 12mm but you might want to do a little tester first to see what works for your tension.

I wanted this blanket to be a good throw size, big enough to snuggle under on the sofa so I aimed for 120 x 100 cm and it came out at 130 x 100 cm in the end. I made a foundation chain of 85 stitches.

The pattern itself is easy peasy lemon squeasy! You just work a half treble (HDC US) in every chain until the end, ch2, turn. The next row and all subsequent rows you just work your HTR into the BACK LOOP of every stitch......that's it!! You just keep adding rows until its the size you want. I did 47 rows in total.

I'm not very good at keeping count of how much yarn I use but I'm about 99% sure I used 15 balls!

Thank you for all your interest and I hope this inspires you to make your own super chunky one! 

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Thank you, Faye x

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