Spring.....the time of year when everything starts to renew and grow. The days start to get longer and it starts to get warmer. I love spring flowers, daffodils are my favourite, closely followed by tulips and this colour combo is very much inspired by the yellows and pinks these flowers bring. The green shades remind me of their leaves and I chose to join with a light blue shade as it reminds me of the Spring skies...........I also quite like to join in something other than white or cream every now and then!

Avril seemed a fitting name for this combo. It's the french word for April so I thought it might be a nice choice given the time of year. It's not a name you hear of much these days too so I though why not give it an airing!

This blanket is a bit of a different one for me as I've finally taken the plunge and written an actual pattern/tutorial for it. I probably receive at least a couple of messages every week asking for patterns. It's something that I never totally ruled out but have admittedly shied away from for years mainly due to self doubt. I've probably talked myself out of writing this pattern at least twenty times this month! 

I'll still share the colours I've used for it here on the blog but for those who would like a full detailed tutorial of how to make this blanket exactly as I have done you can buy the digital download PDF pattern in my Etsy shop here

Avril Baby Blanket Pattern

The pattern is broken down into four parts - How I make a granny square, the Avril colour placement process, continuous join as you go method and finally the border and edging. It has lots of pictures and images to guide you through and there is a UK and a US crochet terms version. It is suitable for a novice crocheter....ie someone who already knows the basics of crochet as basic stitch instructions are not detailed

If you do decide to buy my pattern please can I ask that if you have any trouble downloading the files through Etsy or if you have any questions about the pattern or need more guidance that you have the courtesy to contact me PRIOR to leaving a review to give me a chance to help you first. It’s difficult to help with or rectify an issue if I’m not aware there is one. Thank you.

It might be the only pattern I ever write......I might write another....I don't know.  I will see how it goes!

Anyway back to the Avril colour combo! These are the colours I used

Scheepjes Colour Crafter in

  • Goes (joining colour)
  • Ameland
  • Ommen
  • Luik
  • Gouda
  • Nijmegen

I made 25 granny squares of 5 rounds each to make a 5 x 5 square sized blanket. I joined the squares using the continuous join as you go method and finished it all off with a pretty shell edging!

25 granny squares of this size will give you a perfect size baby blanket.....perfect for the pram or car seat. 

I hope you enjoy this colour combo.....and to those of you who choose to buy my pattern, thank you very much for your support and I look forward to seeing your Avril creations on socials!

Faye :)