You won't find a full written pattern here but you will find some FREE resources that I've put together so that you can make something similar.

The colour placement for these squares came about a bit accidentally! I'd chosen my colour combo after having a play around with my yarn pegs and I was originally going to use my easy colour placement method but something just didn't look right.

After more playing about with pegs and lots of trial and error I liked how the pinks used in the granny circle rounds looked like flowers so decided to stick with just two colour placement orders for my squares. I made 30 squares, 15 of each order, which I then alternated when joining. 

You can find the video for how I made my Delilah squares here......

How to make my Delilah granny squares

Why, why, why Delilah? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😂) ask..........I don't know really. When I looked the name up after I'd already decided on it it means 'delicate' (so maybe I should have gone with pastels!) but to me the name Delilah sounds strong and I think this really bright pink suits that notion better.

These are the colours I used, they are all Yarnsmiths Create DK

  • Off white (joining colour)
  • Vintage Teal 
  • Duck Egg
  • Olive Green
  • Fandango Pink (possibly the best yarn name ever!)
  • Fondant Pink

I'm afraid I don't usually measure out exactly how much yarn I use as I'm often working from stash rather than new full balls but from experience I would have used less than 100g of each colour for the squares and around 200g of the joining colour.

I hate sewing squares together so will always look for a way to crochet them together when I can. I used my continuous join as you go method with (UK) DCs to join my squares, it's a lovely flat join and you can find the video for that here......

Continuous join as you go method (UK) DCs

As you might know I'm not generally one for fancy borders! Sometimes a fancy border works for me, I've used fancy borders when making a single colour blanket, but when there's a lot going on with the blanket already I try to be a bit careful not to get carried away with colour and stitches and prefer to frame the blanket with something quite crisp and simple rather than overload it with too much interest. That's just my own personal preference though!

For this blanket I decided to add just a couple of bright stripes with the Fandango and Fondant pinks using the camel stitch technique. The stripes frame the blanket but don't distract too much from the colourful squares. Find a video for this technique on my You Tube channel here......

Camel stitch technique border

My blanket came out around 75cm x 85cm

I hope you have found this combo inspiring and I'd love to see how you use it! If you want to you can use hashtag #littledovecolourcombo to share your creations on social media.

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Thank you and happy crocheting!

Faye :)

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