Since 2012 when I started Little Dove Crochet I have accumulated a lot of yarn scraps (small balls of yarn left over from full balls) When I say a lot, I really do mean a lot! I was very productive over the many years I was making to order so I got through a lot of yarn which resulted in lots of scraps. I just kept shoving them in bags over the years not really knowing what I was going to do with them but knowing that one day I would do something with them! 

Fast forward to 2022 and I finally decided to make a start on my long awaited  scrappy project. It had to be granny squares......just three rounds each in totally random colours, it wasn't going to be a quick project but one that I could easily pick and put down in between other things and not have to really think on too much. I'm not going to list all the colours I used for this one, it's not a Little Dove Combo as such as the whole point of a scrappy blanket is it's randomness but I used around 50 different colours and they were all DK weight 100% acrylic yarn. 

I made many of my scrappy grannies at the Craft and Chat evening I go to twice a month. I love going to Craft and Chat! Working from home means I'm on my own a lot in the daytime and although I consider myself introverted and I like my own company it is really nice to spend a few hours with like minded people crafting the evening away :) My basket of scraps was a nice portable project, perfect for taking along with me and many a scrappy granny was made over the last year whilst sipping tea, eating cake and chatting! I highly recommend joining a craft group if you have one locally...or if not why not start your own!

I didn't really know at the start how big I wanted to make it but I knew I wanted it to be a really nice sofa throw size so I just kept adding squares until it looked about right. I ended up making 266 squares (14 x 19) and once the border was added it's come out at almost single bed size! 

If you'd like to know how to make a granny square the Little Dove way you can find my video tutorial on my You Tube channel here

Little Dove Crochet - You Tube

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I joined my squares with Scheepjes Colour Crafter in Barneveld using the continuous join as you go method and in true Little Dove style I made no record of how much I used but at a rough guess it was probably around 4 - 5 balls. You can find a video tutorial for this joining method on my You Tube channel.

Just a simple border as is my usual preference, I often use just DC and HDC on my borders and like to change things up a bit by working in back loops on some rounds to add a little interest. The edging is bobble shell by Attic24.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed making this blanket and I've called this one Dolly as it reminds me a bit of Dolly Mixtures! I'm kinda sad it is finished but fear not as I do still have lots and lots of scraps left and I have also got a scrappy sunburst blanket on the go too so I will turning my attention to that one now this one is done.


If you are thinking of making a scrappy granny square blanket here are my top tips.....

  • Never throw your scraps away!
  • Use yarn with is the same weight and composition
  • Sew your ends in after every ten squares made then it doesn't seem so overwhelming
  • Don't be afraid to colour clash! Just avoid same or very close shades next to each other
  • Learn continuous join as you go method, it makes joining quick and enjoyable
  • and most of all.....enjoy the whole scrappy blanket process, ends and all

If you would like to know how to make a granny square the Little Dove way and learn the continuous join as you go method you can find my Avril Baby Blanket pattern in my Etsy shop here

Avril Baby Blanket Pattern

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Faye :)


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