I made this blanket quite some time ago. I'm always really drawn to blues and greens, particularly greens as green is my favourite colour! To be honest I've had a bit of a job remembering which colours I used as it was so long ago I made this one! After lots of playing with yarn pegs and shade cards and studying my photos I'm 99% sure I used........ 

Cygnet DK 

  • Kiwi

Paintbox DK 

  • Washed Teal

Scheepjes Colour Crafter 

  • Leiden
  • Weert
  • Alphen
  • Urk

Once again I used Attic24s Dune pattern for this blanket. I love this seashell inspired pattern and with the blues and greens it has a ocean feel for me so I have called this combo Marinus!

I hope you have found this combo inspiring and I'd love to see how you use it! If you want to you can use hashtag #littledovecolourcombo to share your creations on social media.

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Thank you and happy crocheting!

Faye :)

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