I love orange! I have used it in blankets often over the years. It's such an underrated colour which is a shame as it's so versatile! I love nature too and get a huge amount of inspiration from it for both my cross stitch designs and my crochet. Woodland themes always appeal to me, it's the earthy colours, green in particular as it's my favourite colour and green paired with orange just really sings to me :)

I don't very often use brown shades though! I don't know why, I think I always worry that they will dull a combo down but I think in this case with the oranges and greens they really work and of course a nice neutral always help to 'lift' a colour scheme!

I had quite a few more labour intensive blankets on the go when I started this one. I needed something quite mindless to work on to give me a little break from them and the ripple really fits the bill for me.......easy on the brain and grows quickly.

I used Attic24's neat ripple pattern as the basis for the blanket however I have worked into the back loops on each row. This method gives a lovely texture to the ripples, try it! The stripe order is completely random.

These are the colours I used

Scheepjes Colour Crafter

  • Haarlem
  • Veenendaal
  • Ameland
  • Breda 

Cygnet DK

  • Burnt orange (the nicest rich orange ever!)
  • Juniper

Hayfield Bonus DK

  • Sandstorm**

**Unfortunately I think Hayfield are discontinuing Sandstorm which is a real shame, it gave the perfect rustic feel to this blanket as it is a lovely flecked neutral. I will never understand why yarn companies discontinue their best shades!

You can find my method for squaring off the wavy edges here

How to straighten your Attic24 ripple edges

Just a simple DC edging for this one, nothing too fussy!

I hope you have found this combo inspiring and I'd love to see how you use it! If you want you can use the hashtag #littledovecolourcombos on social media to share your creations

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Thank you and happy crocheting

Faye :)


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