I primarily made this blanket to showcase my petal edging which I designed way back in 2015, you can read how it came about here. It reminds me of little petals and really suits a traditional style crochet blanket like the granny square one that I have made here. 

I can't give you any meaningful reason why I chose these colours! I was just playing around with yarn pegs and these ones just seemed to work.....I really love the pop of the gold colour in amongst the pinks and greeny blues! The dark navy was a bit of an afterthought, it wasn't in my original combo but as I started crocheting the rounds I felt it needed something more and navy is a great all rounder, it goes with almost everything :) I'm glad I added it in.

For this blanket I used

Cygnet DK in

  • Fondant 

Paintbox DK

  • Washed Teal

Scheepjes Colour Crafter

  • Barneveld
  • Tynaarlo
  • Sittard
  • Burum
  • Dordrecht

I made 33 rounds for my granny square which made it a decent baby sized blanket and then I added 2 rounds of double crochets before I started the edging. The edging is made up of two rounds and you can find my video tutorial for it (among others!) on my You Tube channel here….

Petal Edging Video Tutorial

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